Online Strategy Sessions for

Adult LEARNERS & Parents

What to expect from aN academic strategy appointment:

  1. Convenient and FLEXIBLE ONLINE scheduling!

  2. Your Learning Strategist is specially trained and experienced in helping clients with ADHD build confidence and strategies that work for the ADHD brain!

  3. The strategist can also help you set goals, keep on track, and reach your goals!

  4. University and College students an claim their sessions with their funding!



  • Study strategies
  • Perfectionism
  • Motivation
  • Improve your memory
  • Increase your reading speed
  • Scheduling
  • Improve your reading comprehension
  • Efficient note taking skills
  • How to get support in school
  • Where to look for resources
  • Issues with technology
  • Goal setting
  • Test anxiety
  • Balancing demands
  • Time management
  • Organization

About Learning Strategies for the ADHD brain

Become the student you've always wanted to be with exceptional study strategies, organization, and time management. 

People with ADHD have incredible things to offer, and just need some specialized tools and strategies to help get them there! 

With a specialization in ADHD, our strategists offer carefully designed supports, strategies, and tools that actually help with school and help you reach your potential. 

You and your strategist work together to explore your strengths and challenges, identify resources, and help you gain awareness of your potential while working toward small and large specific goals. As a student, you might work toward building study habits that work well for your learning style; as a parent, you will learn tools and strategies to help your child.


How can I get a diagnosis? If you are looking for more information about your learning profile or your child's, and are wondering about possible learning challenges or strengths, our psychologists can help. See our psychological assessment services for more information. 

More Questions?

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