Bridging the Gap with Online Therapy


For many, the idea of entering a psychologists office can feel like a challenge. As a psychologist, I always hope this is not the case, as I would hope it feels like a positive step in a new direction. For whatever reason a client might come into the office, I am always so impressed with the resilience and determination it takes to move forward with self-help. Occasionally, my clients aren't aware that this is a powerful moment in their lives and instead feel fear or worry. So for those who cannot get themselves into the office in the first place, for any reason what-so-ever, we have decided, as an industry, to add the option of secure teleconferencing for therapy! This is a huge improvement in psychological services as many people are house-bound, live in remote areas, are limited for time and flexibility, and/or feel more comfortable working on their stuff from the comfort of their own home. Not to mention the wonders of technology that have allowed us this new and exciting opportunity to reach so many more people. Everyone deserves the same access to help as those living in cities and those who are mobile. 

At Little Oaks Psychology, we use a secure telemedicine program, which allows clients to log in, wait in a virtual waiting room, and experience excellent clear communication with their therapist. We are constantly reviewing the legal and security processes involved to ensure the safety of our clients information. No video or audio information is stored when using this program, so your confidentiality is protected.

Online e-sessions work well for adults and occasionally for youth, especially those who are adept at using the web already. But the system is easy and intuitive, making it simple for anyone. It can be a great way to bridge into therapy while feeling safe and secure in your own home. It might be a first step, or a way to maintain already formed changes and progress. Having an online counsellor or therapist can be much like coaching. They can help you achieve and manage your goals: personal, psychological, and professional. 

For another take on why online therapy can be great, see this article from the American Psychological Association.

Because we work with registered provisional psychologists who are supervised and supported by registered psychologists, we are able to provide a reduced rate for online therapy ($125/hr) and these services are covered by insurance plans (direct billing is available for BlueCross members). 

We look forward to seeing some of you online in the future!

Remember, we are all human - and that means we all need help sometimes.

Finding the right help for you, is key.