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adhd coachES are trained and experienced in helping clients with ADHD build confidence and strategies to help them reach their potential.

Specialized ADHD Coaching to help you set goals and reach them! 

What to expect from Online ADHD COACHING:

With specialized training in ADHD, these sessions are intended to help with goal setting, problem solving, motivation and procrastination, learning or career strategies, relationships, and other problem areas common for individuals with ADHD.  

Individuals with ADHD have great potential and many strengths! We hope to help you find those strengths and bring them to the surface with specially designed tools.

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  • Perfectionism

  • Social stress and relationships

  • Anger management

  • Motivation

  • Time management

  • Goal setting

  • Organization

  • Scheduling

  • Life goals and planning

About Online ADHD Coaching

Online ADHD Coaching provides specialized, solution-focused support from the comfort of your own home. Our coach is trained and experienced in helping people develop accessible and functional tools for improving their skills, coping, and goals.

We offer specialized ADHD coaching!

ADHD coaching helps you become the person or professional you've always wanted to be with effective organization and time management!  ADHD coaching helps with school, life, career planning, goal setting, and helping you reach your potential. It is a collaborative process between you and your coach. 

ADHD coaching. The strategies used in ADHD coaching are designed specially for the ADHD brain. Individuals with ADHD (or ADD) think and learn differently and in wonderful ways that can be harnessed to benefit your life! We help you find that part of yourself and help you utilize your talents to reach your goals. As a professional, you might set career goals and walk through a plan to achieve those goals within a certain time frame. It serves as a process of accountability and motivation for many individuals from all walks of life.

Working with parents. Parents may want to work directly with an online ADHD coach. You and your coach will decide together what works best for your situation. Parents can get support with effective parenting strategies or strategies to help their child/youth in school, careers, and day-to-day life.

Do I need to have a diagnosis to benefit from counselling or ADHD coaching? No. Anyone can participate, whether you have a diagnosis or not, or whether you are supporting your child or spouse. 

How can I get a diagnosis? If you are looking for clarity in your life or for your child, and are wondering if you or your child might require a diagnosis, our psychologists can help assess whether that might be the case. See our assessment services for more information. 

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