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Assessment services are typically for educational and support purposes, to help diagnose learning, intellectual, or behavioural disabilities, giftedness, or screen for developmental disorders. The involve several sessions of testing with the client and are offered for clients ages 6 to 35+.

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Counselling and therapy are considered the treatment phase. Your counselling psychologist will spend the first session or two assessing the main concerns and determining the best course of treatment. We offer a wide range of counselling/therapy methodologies, options, and styles for all ages.


For adults with ADHD or Parents looking for strategies to help their child, youth, or young adult. An ADHD specialist provides strategies that are designed to work for the ADHD brain. We help build on individual strengths and provide guidance, accountability, and self-discovery.


Currently accepting clients for assessment and counselling

Assessments are typically completed within 4-6 weeks.

We work with you and your insurance policy to ensure you get the most coverage available. 



Uncovering understanding and fostering mighty minds

 It is our goal to help guide you through understanding so you may leave feeling you have new insight and a plan. 


Families, children, youth, and adults:

Come with questions and leave with answers. 


Our team is highly trained and experienced in development, learning, and cognition (thinking abilities).  From a strength-based approach, we focus on accurate diagnosis and goal setting to help develop a clear treatment plan and next steps.

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"Mighty oaks from little acorns grow" 


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